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Supports in college for dyslexia

I have made a very interesting discovery about one of my friends. She has been visiting from England and staying with our family here in New England. We had not seen each other for a length of time for many, many years – since we were teenagers. Then we used to spend most of our weekends together, staying at each other’s houses, and going away together to summer camp. Our mothers were good friends and we happened to become very good friends as well.  But, when I left home for university, and my friend left home to pursue a career, our ways parted. Since then, we’ve seen each other only on occasions, such as weddings and funerals. Having families and working kept us busy and leading separate lives, but it never took away our close friendship.

With this visit, we picked up from where we left off as teenagers, but my friend revealed a fact about herself that I didn’t know – she was dyslexic. The words I’m dyslexic popped out of her mouth within a few minutes of her arriving at our house. I was astounded. All those years – the weekends and the summers – spent together and I never knew this about her. I suppose, if we had gone to the same school then it might have been different. I knew her spelling wasn’t that great but she was and still is smart, creative and resourceful. Lots of people don’t spell very well and so it had never occurred to me that she could be dyslexic. But now that she had revealed this fact, we were able to share our experiences with dyslexic – me with two dyslexic children and she with her own experience and that of her daughter.  We had much in common in our teenage years and now we shared even more.

My friend’s daughter is at university in England, training to be a doctor. A fantastic achievement for someone with dyslexia! Her daughter is getting support in college for her dyslexia. This of course, with my daughter heading off to college in the Fall, is of great interest to me. When my friend left, to continue her travels in Peru before heading back to England, she agreed to send me more information about these supports once she arrived home. So, I am waiting in anticipation…