Raising and educating kids with dyslexia

Hearing words of encouragement whether you’re dyslexic, or the parent of a child with dyslexia can make a huge difference to your outlook on life. It can turnaround your life and make the future much brighter.

From the first day of attending The Carroll School that specializes in teaching children with dyslexia my daughter she came home a different child. They understood she needed to hear that children with dyslexia are smart and this is what they told her. This encouragement was the beginning of my daughter becoming confident in herself and her abilities, and being hopeful and optimistic about her future.

The experience I had when my son, who also has dyslexia, required speech services, was completely different. His difficulties with speaking were constantly reinforced. After every session the speech therapist would tell me what he could not do and say. I thought he would never be able to speak! So, I decided to change to a different service provider and speech therapist. On our first meeting with the new speech therapist I tentatively asked if he would ever be able to speak clearly. “Of course he will,” she told me in a casual and blasé way, walking off holding my son’s hand, seemingly totally unaware of my angst. It was obviously of no question or concern to her that my son’s speech would be a continuing problem. Her encouragement changed my attitude completely. Our twice-weekly speech sessions were no longer filled with dread. I could see a brighter future coming. I became hopeful and optimistic. She was right, too. My son is now an articulate speaker.


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